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If you have been searching “How to build a website”, then you might have come across words like static and dynamic web design.   These are the two main approaches that are followed while building a website. Here in this blog, you

WordPress Website Security WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for web designers and developers. Being popular is a curse for WordPress too.  WordPress has lots of plugins available to cut short development time, but these plugins also bring in

Get bespoke software applications and revive your age-old process & profit margins Pandemic might have slowed our pace, but we can’t let our business suffer. It’s time to speed up and get the right resources for your business.   Running a business nowadays

Times have changed and people have moved to mobiles. They love browsing websites on their phones. Smartphone users reached 2.7billion in 2019 (Source: Statista.com) Beautifully designed responsive websites catch the eye of the people. So, your business needs to have a

How can we relate this story to the blog topic? With my experience working in a web design and development agency, I can say that Andy had a very clear vision and he ended up with good results. In contrast,