Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends and Techniques

The digital marketing landscape is evolving in this world 2020 at such a fast pace, that it is the survival of the fittest. Those who don’t evolve with the industry will stay behind. To put it in simple terms, the things that worked a couple of months back or even maybe a month back won’t work now. That’s how fast the industry is evolving.

Do you want to know the digital marketing trends 2020?

Voice is taking over:

The number of blogs on the internet is 1 billion compared to the number of people on planet Earth, which is roughly 7 billion. To put things into perspective that is one blog for 7 people in the entire world. This is just another example to show you that the old way of doing things does not work anymore. It’s an entirely different game in 2020. 

Voice is going to take over the industry. 

Statistics reveal that half of the searches are entirely voiced at the moment. It’s high time that brands start optimising more for voice than the general search is going to die in the near future.  It’s as simple as saying would I rather ask Alexa to order me a pizza or would I type it in search. This, my friends, is the future and it’s already happening!

UX Matters:

Customers who have received a bad experience are more likely to purchase from a competitor. At the end of the day what matters is the experience that your customer is getting. How much friction are they experiencing while buying the product? How easy is it to purchase from your website? These little things make the entire customer experience. UX should be right there on top for any brand that wants to thrive in 2020. What does your customer actually feel once they’ve bought from you? What experience are they getting? How much value you are providing the customer? 

Business Sustainability = Customer LTV (Life Time Value). 

Influencer marketing has hit an all-time low:

The ROI on influencer marketing is on a downward spiral. This means that the price of influencer promotions will be lower in 2020 with the drop in return.

Educational content still works:

People want to be educated or informed of the product or be given value before they make that decision to make the purchase. The most effective way to do this is by using bite-sized educational video content to sell your product. So, when the customer feels that they are getting value out of it, they are more likely to buy from you.

Underpriced attention

The brands that make use of underpriced attention are going to win big in 2020. In simple terms, if everyone is going after the same gold mines, there is not enough gold for everyone. This is what raises the prices of ad placements on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. It’s just a case of supply and demand effect. There is so much space and search for the number of people bidding on these platforms, hence higher prices and lower ROI.

Advertising platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud are extremely underpriced compared to platforms like Google search and Facebook. The brands that can make the right creative for their audience on these platforms will make a greater return on investment in 2020. Choosing the right digital marketing services agency can help you with the best digital trends of 2020 to follow and to grow your business exponentially.