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Digital Signage as an Effective Business Tool

Digital Signage

“63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention” – Rich Media Technologies – Outdoor Effectiveness 2016.

This percentage is significantly higher than TV, Internet and billboard advertising. Retailers are choosing digital signage due to its low cost and flexibility but high impact is the key advantage. Digital signage is essentially the ‘face’ of a store, it familiarises the target audience with the brand and ultimately makes the company more recognisable. With dynamic signs reinforcing brand messages through an immersive experience, retailers are eager to use signage to fully optimise communication with their customers.

In today’s day and age, when the cost of electronic displays is getting cheaper day-by-day. It makes sense to replace traditional banners and boards with TV Screens of desirable sizes. The conventional printed material are hard to dispose off. It can be fairly expensive to design, print and replace. With a customised and targeting marketing materials being displayed in HD on a TV screen, you can reach out to your customers in a better manner.

Custom-Build Software & Hardware

We provide a custom-build software and hardware that fits in any decor and settings. For Example: Office Receptions, Educational institutes, Take-aways, Restaurants, etc. Our hardware solution is plug-and-play which connects to your TV screen using a HDMI and USB ports. So, there are no hassle of managing hundreds of cables. We can design your signage content that can be customised within minutes.

Though our solution, you can even display your own content, for instance, promotional videos, images, etc.


• Clean, crisp & effective
• On pocket
• Update content easily
• No waiting time
• Easy to up sell & manage promotions
• Enhance your customers’ experience
• Energy efficient
• No recurring costs with printing & shipping
• Better for environment – low carbon footprint
• Increases brand awareness
• Promotes brand consistency in-case of multiple sites
• Compliments social media pages& website
• Higher sales
• And…looks great!