PPC Marketing Services

If you want quick results and can’t wait for SEO outcomes, then PPC ads are for you. PPC can drive traffic to your website and bring you measurable results immediately.

Why Paid Search Marketing ?

Faster Results

Target audience

Measurable results

Better ROI


Why Proton6 Social Media Marketing Services ?

Our Social media marketing services can help you attain your marketing and branding goals. There are plenty of social media platforms on which you can advertise. It’s important to figure out which platform works for your business.

We have the experience to market on various social media channels be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and more. Our social media experts can help you to figure that out and deploy tailored social media strategies to drive sales and leads.

How can Proton6 boost your online sales?


Reach out to your Customers before your Competitors with our Paid Search Marketing Services


  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook is a widely used social media channel, thus we will target your audience on Facebook depending upon your business type. We will launch effective Facebook Sponsored Ad Campaigns with a defined budget and generating leads through various campaign objectives.

  • Google Ads

    Reaching out to a wide range of users, as a top result for their search query, is important. We will launch Google Ads to enhance the conversions and attract more customers to your website.

  • LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn Ads are purely for B2B Industry. So, if you really want high quality leads we will take LinkedIn into consideration.

  • Amazon Ads

    Amazon Ads are widely popular nowadays. Our expert team will run your ads on Amazon and will deliver the best results for your business sales.

  • Twitter Ads

    Twitter offers some unique ad targeting features you won’t find anywhere else. Analyzing your business industry we will find what will work best for you.

  • PPC Ad Agency in Birmingham

    We are the PPC ad agency in Birmingham who can take care of your paid marketing needs.

    It’s important to choose the right platform to market your business. Our PPC management services will make sure every penny of yours is spent rightly.

    Facebook is the most widely used social media channel for advertising. Our PPC ad agency will target your audience on Facebook through our Facebook Sponsored Ad Campaigns. These ads will be as per your budget and will be effective in generating leads.

    We manage PPC campaigns across various social media channels : Linkedin, Google Ads , Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads , Amazon. Our PPC services experts will help you in targeting the right keyword which will help you to drive clicks and conversions.

    We will manage and monitor your campaign on a daily basis so that it remains optimized at all times.

    Proton6 Google Adwords experts have run numerous successful Adwords campaigns , so we have the skill and experience to bring you at the top.

    Generate Leads and Conversions

    PPC Marketing Services


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  • How will you create ads that fit my business?

    We will learn more about business, your audience and ad preferences. Apart from this, will share the advertising approach that we will be using for your business. If you are happy with it we will go further. Don’t worry we will send all advertisements to review in advance.

  • What type of results can I expect?

    We look at the key performances like traffic and conversions. You will be noticing a good amount of traffic and high conversion rate.

  • Do I need to opt for PPC ads as I am taking SEO services?

    You can see measurable results with PPC in a short span as compared to SEO which takes months to show results.

  • Is it expensive to advertise on Google ?

    It can be expensive to advertise on Google as you pay -per click .It means you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. But with an experienced paid search manager , you can get customers and make the right amount of traffic.

  • How soon can I see results ?

    The amount of traffic will increase each month and numbers will vary. Results can be seen over time once we get to know what kind of campaign is effective for your business. Also, results will depend on your advertising budget too.