Static Web Design Vs. Dynamic Web Design, which one is better for you?

Static Web Design Vs. Dynamic Web Design, which one is better for you?

Static Vs. dynamic web design

If you have been searching “How to build a website”, then you might have come across words like static and dynamic web design.


These are the two main approaches that are followed while building a website. Here in this blog, you will get to know all about dynamic and static web designs. 


Let’s take the example of a car. There are many variants of a particular car model. The lowest-performing variant of that model is the base model, whereas the highest-performing variant is the top-end model. The top-end model has the highest number of features and many advantages. 


But, it costs the highest of all models. Similarly, the features and performance are very limited in a base model as compared to the top-end model. But, it costs way less than the top-end variant.


The situation is quite similar when it comes to websites. We can consider the static web design as the base model and the dynamic web design as the top-end model. Let’s take an in-depth look at both, followed by a comparison.


Static Websites

It refers to something fixed, and in websites, it means that the website has set content and a fixed number of pages. These websites are more basic and need simple code and design elements for creation. 


  • These are low functioning. You can develop and host them at a low cost. But, you need to be proficient in HTML to keep updating it timely. These sites are a set of HTML files with one file equal to one page of the site.
  • The content on static websites is the same because one has to keep on updating one page at a time. It means that there is a high chance that the information you see on static sites is not up to date. The data is the same on the site irrespective of who is viewing it.
  • But, it is suitable for websites that are small and only have a few pages. If you have a website that has only five to six pages, it won’t be a challenging task for you. Brochure websites and other small websites can benefit. You can go a long way with a static website if the information is up to date and you are updating.


Why should you choose a static web design?

  • Static web design comprises a website that has interlinked web pages with the help of logos, fonts, or basic graphics. It is suitable for those who want a high search engine friendly site. Static web design will be ideal for you if you do not wish to update your content and it is all fixed on your website.
  • Static web design lets you make minor changes, and the best part is that it is cost-effective. From an SEO point of view, websites with static web design take less time to rank than dynamic sites.


Dynamic Websites

It refers to something that is changing. Thus, dynamic web design is functional and interactive. It is more complex to build dynamic websites, but they are more versatile than static websites.

  • Dynamic websites are functional and effortless to update. It will take you longer to develop a dynamic website and even cost you more than static websites. But, you do not need HTML knowledge to update a dynamic website. There are a lot of features of dynamic websites, like active posting, CMS, E-Commerce systems, and discussion boards.
  • You can do many things if you have a dynamic website. Dynamic websites make adding and maintaining content on the website very easy. You can make it more interactive by adding tools like a search bar or a comment section.


Why should you choose a dynamic web design?


  • All in all, a dynamic web design consists of various pieces that come together and form a web page. Dynamic websites use many server technologies like Js and PHP. The codes create the HTML and CSS. It means that when we load a dynamic page, all the elements that make up the page will come together, and that is what we view.
  • These websites hold a database of content, which we know as content management software. You need to add a new post or edit an existing post to make changes.
  • Dynamic websites are simple to manage, and you can make design-related changes on your whole site. Finally, a website with a dynamic web design has a more professional look than a website with a static web design. 


Thus, you must go for a dynamic website unless you want a website that is fixed. Dynamic web design is the best for those who are building a site with a lot of detailing in terms of content. It is suitable even for the ones who need simple content management and a fantastic user experience.





  • Static: Looking at it from a technical perspective, building static websites is easy, and it only requires HTML. But, the only way a visitor can interact with a website with a static web design is by filling forms and clicking on links.
  • Dynamic: Dynamic websites need HTML and CSS to function. Also, a lot of back-end scripting goes into dynamic websites for making them functional. HTML helps create essential dynamic web design elements. Whereas the back-end programming languages help manage events and control actions.





  • Static: A user does not need access to complex software for creating a static website. All they need is some HTML and CSS knowledge and a notepad. Static web design only has text and multimedia in it. Visitors will see the same design every time they visit the website unless you change the source code.
  • Dynamic: A dynamic website shows the content depending on the actions of the visitors on the page. It is why users see their preferences on a website with dynamic web design. Developers use a lot of complicated tools for dynamic websites. An IDE is a must for building dynamic web sites with strong coding skills and back-end programming.



So, this was all about static and dynamic web design and websites. Both have their own pros and cons. Choosing one web design entirely depends on your business requirement.


If you need help in choosing the one for you, designers at Proton6 can help. We are the web design and development agency that creates static or dynamic designs for your website. 

These websites will look more pleasing to the eye and help you in attracting potential customers.